One more step towards a sustainable architecture. In view of the rate of population growth, research on new ways of inhabiting the planet is necessary.

The methods to build have not advanced so much in the last 2,000 years, the Romans already built with concrete , with formwork, as it is still done today. The advances in other areas have served as a reference for its later application to architecture and the line of research has gone through the search for increasingly slender structures. In the year 2016 and with the conditions that arise, many architects affirm that the house of the future will be sustainable.

Although many people may find it crazy to live in a house made of straw or cardboard, closer to the houses of children's stories than the ones we live in today, this is already a reality. Projects like the one in the studio Fiction Factory de Amsterdam, have designed and patented a construction system based on cardboard.

There are 24 layers of cardboard fiber, which are assembled in a prefabrication process, these layers are joined together with a sustainable glue, creating a resistant and insulating structure, and finally each house is finished with an outer shell of wood and aluminum that protects it from any meteorological phenomenon.

They are manufactured in modules of 5 square meters and allow the option of expanding it by joining several modules together. From the point of view of the richness of the interior space it is very limited, it can only grow linearly, so having more square meters of land means having a longer house, however, it is understood that one of the paths to sustainability It is a better use of the land...