Wood as a building material

Wood as a building material

Wood is one of the least mentioned construction materials, but according to experts in the area, one of the most precious. Over time, wood has been very useful in the construction of houses and structures, thanks to a series of properties that make it very suitable for the […]

Vegetable raw materials

When we create our home we want relaxation and tranquility. Why not achieve it through raffia? The rustic style is the key to feel in the middle of nature without leaving our home. We tell you a little history. Raffia is inspired by the different textures of nature and has its origin in the […]

The beauty of geometry

The art of creating complexity with primary elements was masterfully mastered by Iranian architecture. In times where construction has been hidden under layers of plaster and plywood, we can learn a lot about the beauty of Iran's structural geometry, where skin and structure are indivisible. Brick/Adobe Unlike […]

Treepedia, the inventory of trees in cities

The benefits of having green areas in cities are numerous, both for its inhabitants and for the environment. In this sense, it is possible to mention its ability to control environmental temperature, mitigate noise and air pollution, reduce anxiety and stress levels, and even reduce crime levels (Kuo, FE & Sullivan, 2001). […]